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Sena views on the HPL (formerly known as the IPL)

Posted by fakebalthakre on February 15, 2010

The people are beginning to ask me : Why is Sena against IPL????

There are the many issues.

Most well known issue is that the racist aussie monkey players like the Symonds are not to be allowed to set the dirty paws on the Mumbai shores. But there are the many other less well known reasons also. It is important for the non-Marathi Manus fellows to understand the Sena view point. Mainly because if some fellow is beating you on head with stick, then minimum decency is requiring you to know why the fellow is beating you with stick.

Sachin Teendulkar in action for Mumbai Indians

Sample of Non-Marathi Manoos Playing in the HPL.

So, without the further hullabaloo, here is the Sena reason for IPL opposition:

  1. First thing, this IPL’s correct name is the HPL (Hindusthani Premier League). First change the name, and then we will talk about the other issues. Until that time, the Sena and the fakebalthakre will refer to it as the HPL only.
  2. Not a single Marathi Manus is owning the team in the HPL. This must change. Together with the other Sena fellows I am preparing plan to address this problem, which I am outlining below.
  3. Most important and critical, HPL, like Valentine day, is spreading the too much free love, sex and the drugs and alcohol culture among the young Hindusthanis. This is causing the too many young Marathi fellows to be happy and full of love towards the bhaiyyas, lungiwalas, and even the mussalmans also. This is making it difficult to hire the new Marathi fellows for beating non-Marathi fellows with the stick. So all this nonsense things must be banned from the Maharashtra state ASAP.
  4. Yes, and almost forgot, that Australia racist issue also.

Now here is how I am addressing the issue no.2 of the HPL team ownership. I am already outlining the solution in the twitter:

  • Shiv Sena is purchasing the new HPL team for the HPL 4, to be based in the Dadar
  • No bhaiyya or lungiwala is playing in this Sena team, only the Marathi Manus is playing.
  • The mussalman fellows are only allowed as the fastballer, bodguard or the doctor.
  • Ajit Agarkar is being made the captain of Sena team. He is the living legend of all the Marathi cricketers. But poor fellow is having to play for that Sharuk’s Pakisthani rider team.
  • The Manohar (Manyaa) Joshi, is having the cricket experience and is being made the CEO.
  • The Sharadrao Pawar Saheb is serving as the special mentor. (This is reminding me of the golden old times)
  • Saheb is also taking the stake and making the investment.

With the blessing of the Ekvira Devi, we are creating this team and showing the real power of the Marathi Manus to all the other outsider fellows. Only thing remaining is the name for the team, for which I am inviting the suggestions.

Jai Maharashtra!


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