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Sena Phoren Policy Doctrine P1

Posted by fakebalthakre on February 27, 2010

It is only the 2 week since I am coming on the twitter. There, I am meeting the very smart and the intelligent fellows. I am learning from them the previously unbelievable things that are now shown to be the true:
  1. Earth is round with the 70% covered in the water. (And still that Ashok Khan fellow is asking us to save the water)
  2. Apart from Germany (home of Hitler the great), Pakisthan and the LungiwalaBhaiyyaDesh, there are the dozens and the dozens of other important countries (eg the Gabon, Suriname, BurkinaFaso and the Lichtenstein)
  3. Hindusthan is now slowly-slowly, becoming the world power, and is having to make “phoren policy doctrine”.
First, I am thinking that doctrine is the female doctor. That is what I am calling fellow who is cleaning the my bedpan at every morning. But grandson Aditya is explaining real meaning. (BTW, Aditya fellow is speaking ekdam faad-faad English, haan. He is learning from the sister, mother and father fellows at the Xavier). After learning from smart and the intelligent fellows on twitter, I am thinking time is right for the Sena to be speling out its phoren policy doctrine. So I am picking the some important countries in ABCD order, and telling Sena policy recommendation for the Hindusthan:
  1. Afghanisthan
This is the land of the Pathan fellows. The Pathan are the tall and strong, bearded fellows. After being born they are slowly-slowly reaching the 19 years, after which they are completely stopping to age right until time of death. Their staple diet is animal called “Great White Kookaburra” which they are chewing in the especially desperate times.
Afridi eating Kookaburra

Average Pathan Having the White Kookaburra dinner

India is having the great history of friendship with Pathan fellows. The Great Indian heroes such as the Shakunimama, the fellow in Kabuliwala, and also allegedly, that Sharuk fellow have been the Pathans.
Still India is meddling in the Afghanisthan by building the road, electricity line and the government building. The Afghan fellows using this things are already complaining about the potholes, load-shedding and the paan-spit design scheme on government building staircase.
Other thing Pathan fellows are liking is the AK-47 and the rocket launcher. So, when they are not liking the potholes and the paan-spit, they are doing the protest by the suicide bombs and the AK firing. Clearly, for this very important reason, Hindusthan has to be keeping its big nose out of all the Afghan’s affairs.
Shahid Afridi carrying AK47

Average Pathan with the AK47


2 Responses to “Sena Phoren Policy Doctrine P1”

  1. pathan said

    What about pathans in india?
    Want to hear about them from u.

    what are Phoren Policy Doctrine about usa?

    • Currently, only known confirmed Pathan’s in India are two brothers Yusuf and the Irfan; Sharuk fellow is also claiming to be Pathan, but he is always claiming lot of things

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