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Why I am doing hands-up in my DP and other FAQs.

Posted by fakebalthakre on March 15, 2010

Question 1

My Twitter DP

People asking about my Twitter DP (Display Picture), and why it is like that? I am answering in tweets some time back. Here reproducing for your ready reference. This is during shameful period during first-day-first-show of the Sharuk’s MNIK picture on Feb 14, when the #mnik was trending topic on the twitter, along with valentine day:

fakebalthakre: Hindusthani fellows are feeling the rightfully angry & the shamed for this trend of the #mnik.

fakebalthakre: It is the serious matter. V. Imp for the hindusthani real culture to be the highlighted, instead of this pakisthani #mnik

fakebalthakre: So it is I am recomending the new trend for the #MyFavKamSutraPosIs. Killing the 2 birds in the bush : #mnik & the #v-day

fakebalthakre: #MyFavKamSutraPosIs the one you are seeing in the profile photo of mine.

Question 2

People also asking again and again, to Who’s father Mumbai is belonging? To those idiot fellows, I am answering here:

fakebalthakre: Still people are not understanding about the Mumbai and the geography. I am thinking having to provide few lessons to all this fellows.

fakebalthakre: Indians of 4 type 1.Marathi Manoos,2.Bhaiyya to north,3.Lungiwala to south,4.Lungiwala Bhaiyya to east. Mumbai is only for Marathi Manoos OK?

Question 3

People also asking, What do I *really* think about Marathi Manoos. This also I am letting out in tweets. This is when i am coming very close to the 100 tweets also:

fakebalthakre: It is looking like I am nearing the century. I am wondring, Is the sachin single-double way correct, or hit a six like the sehwag?

fakebalthakre: But I am thinking, these bhaiyya people like the sehwag are having the real guts haan…even the pakisthanis like that one miandad felllow

fakebalthakre: Marathi people really not having any spirit only, apart from 1 or 2…no only 1

fakebalthakre: That is why we are having the fellows like that Ashok Khan — totally spiritless fellow. Only fit to carry the Italian shoes.

fakebalthakre: But that is only the political fellows. What about the actor and writer fellows. Like the Nana? He is for show off only

fakebalthakre: There was that one PuLa fellow. He is showing the spirit only after getting the award.

fakebalthakre: That is like hitting the century after talking to the Ravi Shastri after match is over, na?

Almost forgot, acknowledgement to the Gaurav Sabnis for blog post on that idiot PuLa fellow.

Jai Maharashtra!


One Response to “Why I am doing hands-up in my DP and other FAQs.”

  1. Anjum said

    Dude, awesome blog! thee rocks!
    btw I finally learnt what DP on twitter means! Till a few days back, seeing it brought some very unappetizing images to the subconcious..haha, hope u know what i mean!

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