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Fakebalthakre, RIP

Posted by fakebalthakre on January 13, 2011


I am suspending tweeting/blogging from this account indefinitely. Mostly out of boredom, and inability to find anything funny to say and time to say it in.

Its been an enjoyable ride, and I want to thank everyone who responded to and followed the fakebalthakre persona on twitter. Much learning was had from these interactions.

Just a couple of words on why I did this:

Everyone of us has a little Bal Thackeray xenophobe sitting inside us somewhere :-). It makes it hard to condemn the bullies who claim to stand for our rights and render violence and intimidation in our name for any cause — legitimate or otherwise. It’s understandable that the Sena footsoldier is gullible enough to be drawn into this web, but people like you and me have no such excuse. We should know better. In the words of my great guru Sri Sri Swami Aseemanand-ji: “Labh Bhill Keeph Os Olaaibh”, and “An eye for an eye only leaves too many disgusting, rotten eyeballs lying around all over the place”.

So, goodbye, and tumchya aaichi jai.


2 Responses to “Fakebalthakre, RIP”

  1. We’d love to know who you really are.

  2. abhi said

    sir.. missed you on twitter.. it was a pleasure following you there.. had a great interaction with you.. if you are on twitter.. in real persona.. will like to follow you.

    regards.. waiting for your answer..

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