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Sena Phoren Policy Doctrine P2

Posted by fakebalthakre on January 16, 2011

[Update: Had this post lying around for some time. Releasing it for posterity. Now, this is my last and final post. Aai-shapath.]

China is the very important country in the world. The fellows living there are called the Chinkies. It is land of old history and path breaking invention such as the Chicken Manchurian, Chicken Chilly and the Chicken Triple Shezwan. They are also (according to the Sam Uncle) the big enemy of the Hindusthan. They are being responsible for the shameful and total disaster experiences for Hindusthanis such as defeat in 1962 war, from which Hindusthani Army took long time to recover, and more importantly: “Chandni Chowk to China”, from which I am still recovering.
Chandni Chowk to China Poster

Example of the Cruelty of Chinkie Fellows

Very little is known to us outside fellows about the inside affairs that the Chinkies are doing. One main reason: there are the 2 billion Chinkies, and all of them are looking ekdam ditto same-to-same. How to know who is doing what, and to whom?
Another reason is the Great FireWall of the China, which is blocking the large part of Internate from reaching the potential Chinkie allies. This is causing big problem for the Internate Hindus who want to say “Can I hv Ur Fraandship?” to the Chinkie females on the Orkut, Facebook and the Twitter. For many patriotic Hindusthani males such as the myself, this is #epicfail.
Zhang Ziyi Sexy Pout

Typical Chinkie Fellow: The Fraand? Or the Enemy???

Because of this lack of the fraand-to-fraand cultural exchange, Hindusthanis are still confused. They are thinking: Are Chinkie fellows our noble fraands or the implacable enemies?
Now grandson Aditya, who is always logging into the Orkut to write the literature from his toilate, is telling me his youthful solution for such complex moral dilemma: When in doubt, assume fraand. But as my slightly older friend Gopinath Munde is telling, fraandship also requires the care and the vigilance. Son Uddhav, like always, is suggesting the middle path. To tell truth, I am always having my doubts about that Uddhav fellow. But this time, I am also agreeing.
So, in conclusion, even if we are using their router and their laptop, doesn’t mean we should allow Chinkies themselves to also sit on our lap top (unless Chinkie fellow is looking like aforementioned picture). And even though Sam Uncle is telling us otherwise, we must be doing the more proactive fraandships with all the Chinkie fellows across the Great FireWall.
Because fraandship knows no boundaries, even the ones which are disputed and 2200 miles long. Or was that 1200 miles long? Like, Whatever.

Jai Maharashtra!

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