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Saamna review of the MNIK picture

Posted by fakebalthakre on February 15, 2010

First, we must be understanding the background. Like all the Karan Johar picture, the MNIK picture is futuristic sci-fi movie. It is set in not too distant future, when all the native Indians Hindusthanis like the Marathi Manus are getting wiped out and replaced by the Punjabi fellows.

Shahrukh & Kajol in "My Name is Khan"

Mentally Retarded Fellows Rizwan and the Mandira

Story of the “My Name is Khan” picture is about the two mentally retarded fellows: the mussalman male called the Rizwan, other is the Hindu female called the Mandira. Now, watching so many mussalman fellows continuously for the 2:30 hrs can be the very tiring experience for any true Shiv-Sainik like yourselfs. But fortunately, I am able to make it through ekdam safe and sound with only minor damage to the my internal organs, all by the blessing of the Ekvira Devi.

A lot of bad things are happening to the Rizwan and the Mandira in the picture. Now during the picture, the female fellows in audience are shedding the buckets and the buckets of the tears. The male fellows should not be getting the alarmed at this. However, one must be thanking the Karan Johar fellow for at least one thing. The female fellows are coming out of the movie with the extremely low expectations from the significant others. I am meaning, after spending 2:30 hrs watching the Kajol romance the mentally retarded fellow, it is setting the good example for them.

Photograph of Zakir Naik

The Sharuk in Muslim Dress in MNIK (Loose Approximation).

Apart from this, the MNIK movie is showing the effect of the terror on the ordinary citizen like the Sharuk. More importantly, it is showing the great scene-scenery of the San Francisco, which is also being known as the gay capital of the world. It is also showing how the black people in the America are living in the town/city/village that is looking ekdam ditto like the Mumbra or the Bhiwandi or the Malegaon.

All in all, the MNIK picture is ekdam timepass. Shivsainik like the yourselfs will enjoy the scene in which the Sharuk is getting tortured in the prison. Of course, torture is not getting too graphic and hence is also suitable for the little Shivsainiks.

I am giving this picture 4.5 out of the 5 stars. It is the good clean family vieweing. Besides, for all the married fellows, you are not really having the choice.

Jai Maharashtra!!!


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